Augie on Vacation day 2

Saturday, February 20, 2010
Hi, this is Miz Augie.

I thought I would type a few words and post a few photos while Fynn's mom or Tink-Mom as she said I could all her, is napping. I guess she's exhausted from all that filming and using that camera in front of her face, I think it's kind of heavy because she carries in with a leash and collar thicker that mine around her neck.

Fynn's dad or Waldo-dad as I may call him because they said it would be confusing otherwise because Fynn knows what it means when Tink-Mom says 'Go see your daddy' and I wouldn't know what to do because my dad is on vacation, or so, I think or maybe they immigrated, Lord knows because they never tell me anything! Anyway, when Tink-Mom says 'go see your daddy' she wants us to go and check out what Waldo-dad is doing or go and see him because he has something to do for us.

Waldo-dad worked from home 2 days, because he didn't want to miss out on all the fun we were having. He had a strange little stick attached to his ear. I tried to point this out to him and maybe remove it when he didn't listen, but apparently he uses it to talk into. Now I ask you, are humans strange or what? A stick in your ear to talk to! Ears are for listening, every dog knows that, even Labradors, although we do not always use them the way humans want us to.
Waldo-dad would talk into the stick and talk to people in China or India! Amazing what humans can do with their ears!

Fynn was home from his doggy day care and we played all day in the yard and in the house. I slept wonderful in my big crate. Tink-Mom had put my pillow in there and a nice smelly t-shirt Hmmmmmmm that smelled so good! She also put a large dark blanky over the crate so I had a cozy little den and would not have to be afraid for anything because I feel very safe inside. She closed the door and that was alright, she didn't want me to become confused because Fynn sleeps on the bed and she didn't know if I slept on the bed with my mom and dad. My dad told me to wake up Waldo-dad at 7:00 sharp and that's what I did. He needed a bit of encouragement to get up so I whined a bit and he realized I do not have such a gallons sized bladder as Fynn does who can sleep to 11:00 without going potty! He is one amazing cute handsome boy! [wink wink] ;-)

Waldo-dad made us breakfast with the Kong and a bottle with a rope in it. He filled it with kibble and we had a blast seeing who could get out the kibble the fastest. Of course I won because I knew how the bottle worked and had them out in no-time. Fynn just looked at it, he's not so enthousiast about food as I am! Tink-mom was still sleeping for a while because she has a lot of pain and does not always sleep very well. But she's never cranky and always so loving and sweet!

We went to the yard and Tink-mom made this video of me and Fynn playing with the ball. Man I love that ball!! Tink-mom didn't know why, she thought I might have one at home, but this one was different. It did not have a handle but a fleece rope through it because Fynn ate the handle!! ;-((( Bad bad boy! ;-) I didn't mind one bit as you can see I lovvvvvvve the ball and the rope. Also did you know they have TONS of squirrels here? At one point Fynn tried to pull my leg(well he does that all the time, but seriously) he tried to convince me there was a cat on the roof.... rightttttt! I might be a girl but I'm not blond Fynn!

Anywho, here is the video Tink-Mom made, can you see I like playing with Fynn?

She also took some nice new pics of me and my ball, I want it to be my ball, or I want to have a ball like that! If you click on the photos you can see them really large!

Tonight we had pumpkin with dinner! I LOVE pumpkin I got the like the spoon and the bowl! YUM!
Than after the humans dinner, Waldo-dad took me to the other room and we practiced the trick 'catch' where I catch the treats with my mouth and very time I catch it I get to eat it and a click with the clicker! That was fun, Tink-mom played with Fynn and the tiny red moving light because Fynn was not happy to share that. ;-) I don't mind I got the treats!

Tomorrow we go out! We go to the LARGE doggy park and I get to wear a harness with one of Lotte's tags on it so if I get lost(which I won't) they know who to call. Tink-Mom also said I need the harness because she wants me to be 'hooked up' in the car. I don't know what that is but it sounds exciting!

I will show another video tomorrow of the doggy park and did I already tell how much I love the cats? I wish we had so many cats at home to play and herd with! These cats know how to play that game!

Now I'm off to my crate for some snoooooooooozing.

love - Miz Augie

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Look who has come to stay for a while?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Miz Augie!

Augie is the much beloved pooch, Queen of the household of our friends Erin and Carter.

We met Erin and Carter last year in February when they applied to adopt a Border Collie from my friend Vicki of Shedd Rescue. I offered to do their home visit because I lived close by. Of course they passed with flying colors and they decided to adopt a pup named Sugar who was one of the 2 pups that were picked up by animal control and went into rescue at Vicki's
Here is her blog entry about them

Sugar as a wee pup

How adorable she is!

Sugar was renamed Augie and she and our Fynn met various times during puppy play classes in the weekend and they always played so nice and sweet.
They didn't see each other for a few months until January this year when we went over for a visit. We always ponder if dogs have a memory of dogs they have met before and liked. I guess we don't ponder that anymore! If I ever saw 2 dogs who were so happy to see each other again it were these 2. They smiled and whined and kissed and licked mouths and were off to play roughhouse, a favorite game. That evening was a huge success, humans and pooches enjoyed it very much. We offered(asked) to have Augie over if they ever had to leave town or needed her to stay for while. S o when they asked if Augie could stay with us for a few days in February we were looking forward to it. There's nothing more exhilarating and joyful than seeing pups play, run, chase, run, stalk, hide, run, dig holes, be silly and sleep and still run in their sleep ;-)

Here are some pics of their first evening together, we will try to write an update for Augies parents every day so they will have an idea of how Miz Augie is doing. We are impressed with all the tricks she knows, and Augie is impressed that Fynn is not upset with the gardner peeps being in the yard. They are both just standing staring out of the window at them ;-) Gardners are gone now so it's time to go outside and play!

Click on the image and it will take you to the full size album where you can study their canine teeth into detail ;-)

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Wordless Wednesday ;-)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010